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Getting into the Halloween Spirit – Spooky Stories and Events in Cheshire

As the autumn leaves fall and the air turns crisp, we’re embracing the Halloween spirit here at The Lion. As Halloween approaches, our staff have been sharing their own spine-tingling tales, and discussing their favourite Halloween events in Cheshire to help us celebrate spooky season as best we can. Get involved with us!

In this blog, we decided to delve into the eerie and supernatural, with spooky stories about Cheshire, along with scary (yet thrilling) events to attend this Halloween.

And, if you’re in need of some comfort after getting your spook on, know that we’re here to welcome you with warm drinks, delicious food, and our friendly staff to chase away those chills!

Spooky Tales of Cheshire

The Haunted Battle of Rowton Moor

Did you know Cheshire holds its own haunted battlefield, where the Battle of Rowton Moor unfolded back in 1645? Picture this: King Charles I gazing from the Phoenix Tower, witnessing his Royalist Cavalry meeting a grim fate at the hands of the Parliamentarians. On the anniversary of this battle, some have claimed to see the ghost of Lord Bernard Stewart, a Royalist cavalry leader, on horseback. You may also hear distant music, believed to be played by King Charles’ court musician, William Lawes, who met his end on this very battlefield. Spooky!

Ghostly Encounters at Tatton Hall

Tatton Hall, a 15th-century manor house, is renowned for more than its deer and flower shows. It’s also a hotspot for ghostly encounters. Many visitors have acclaimed to hear heavy footsteps and sinister shuffling sounds, accompanied by a menacing, shadowy presence Temperature changes are enough to send shivers down your spine, and some have been too frightened to re-enter the building!

Hack Green’s Paranormal Mystery

Hack Green’s “secret” nuclear bunker is not just a historical site; it’s also shrouded in paranormal activity. Stories and sightings include a full apparition of a man dressed in uniform walking down the bunker’s main corridor. There have also been two other similar incidents reported in the same corridor and staff say that there is a very menacing feel to the place.

In room 9, which is a telecommunications area, the spirit of an attractive young woman is often spotted working away at her desk by visitors. Also telephones which are disconnected are often heard to start ringing.

If you find yourself unsettled by these ghostly accounts, remember that The Lion is a place of warmth and hospitality, ready to chase away those spirits with our friendly ambiance and hearty offerings (and some of the more fun kinds of spirits behind the bar!).

Halloween Events in Cheshire

If you’re planning a trip to The Lion over the spooky season, here’s our team’s top picks of Halloween evens in Cheshire this year.

Gandeys Spooky Circus at Bolesworth

If you’re looking for a thrilling Halloween event with a little scare factor, then get ready for a fang-tastic Halloween at Gandeys Spooky Circus in Bolesworth. This hair-raising spectacle features internationally trained circus artists, spooky skeleton dancers, vampires, and jack-o-lanterns. The circus Ringmaster keeps everything in order while a mischievous clown adds to the excitement.

If you’re making a weekend of frightfully fun filled activities, were just a stone’s throw away from all the Halloween havoc, so why not book yourself a safe place to stay from all those ghouls and ghosts?

Chester Ghost Tour

If you want to slip away from a more relaxing approach into a scary Halloween special, why not try the Chester Ghost Tours? Steeped in 2000 years of history, and with hundreds of Ghost sightings, Chester can claim to be one of the most haunted cities in Britain. For a night-time journey through the mysterious and murky past of Chester, expect chilling tales of ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night. These tours take you to the eeriest haunts in the city, and they run throughout the spooky season.

Halloween Magical Woodland at Blakemere

Seeking a little something for everyone? Then Blakemere is the place to be this Halloween! Blakemere hosts an interactive Halloween Magical Woodland experience, perfect for everyone. You can explore 15 acres of stunning countryside with features like the Dinosaur’s Den, Ghostbusters Ghetto, Hocus Pocus party pad, and an Under the Sea spectacle. You can also get the chance to marvel at a million fairy lights, multiple laser displays, dazzling tunnels and captivating canopes of lights which will transform the autumnal woodland into another worldly magical land.

Cheshire is brimming with both spine-tingling stories and thrilling events, and we hope to have gotten you in the mood for spooky season! Have any other spooky stories or great adventures to attend this Halloween? Be sure to let us know across Facebook and Instagram.

And when the ghouls and ghosts get a bit too much, remember, The Lion is open late and serves food until 9pm every day to provide you with the warmth and comfort you need to chase those chills away.

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